Harmonizing the Chakras through Breathwork

Breathwork is a deeper healing modality that helps remove emotional blocks derailing us from living a life of freedom. The Chakras, our energetic centers, regulate the flow of energy throughout our physical body. When the Chakras are out of balance we can feel our vitality and well-being depleted. Breathwork engages the blocks allowing increased capacity for energy to flow, ultimately bringing the Chakras into greater balance.

A guided experiential journey begins with a three-step breathing technique. The mental body is activated, endorphins are released in the brain creating a visceral, physical, experience in the body. This self healing work allows for the release of stagnant energy, old patterns, limiting beliefs, anxiety, depression and addiction and opens up for increased gratitude, creativity, intuition and self love.

We conclude with a sound meditation, an experience offering peace and calm and bringing you into a deep meditative state.

This event is free for members / $20 for non-members. 

About the Speaker: 

Joy Dushey is a New York-based holistic lifestyle coach and Breathwork facilitator. She specializes in inspiring people of all ages to live an optimal vital life by nurturing the balance of mind, body, and spirit. At the age of 29 Joy faced the biggest adversity of her life when she suffered an ischemic stroke that ultimately led her to a profound transformation and the beginning of a Holistic Path. Through continued education and life experience she created The Joyful Approach, a lifestyle coaching system dedicated to health and well being. Joy maintains a curious mind, an open heart, and a tireless fascination with the endless possibilities of the Universe.