The Human Side of Tech 02: Google and a Conversational Future

Join Google, Discovery Channel, GE, BDMI, and Skilled Creative as we explore Conversational Interfaces like Google Home and Amazon Echo. We're used to using conversation to get what we want from each other. There is an inherent value exchange in human-to-human discussion. Using conversation as a value exchange with our products and technologies is a new experience, and one fraught with controversy: privacy breaches, workforce replacement, and softening creativity are some of the concerns surrounding conversational interfaces. We’ll explore why we have an innate fear of CUI, deconstruct those fears, and explore how voice could ultimately improve the human condition. From healthcare and finance, to commerce and social interaction, we'll take a deep look at the potential impact of these new platforms.

In The Human Side of Tech series at The Assemblage NoMad, Brandon Kaplan (CEO, Skilled Creative) interviews a variety of guests from technology companies, brands and humanity-focused organizations, investigating how new technologies are being used to improve society and the human condition. As we enter the age of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Smart Cities, it’s natural that people have concerns. In this engaging series, Brandon and his guests discuss how, with proper regulation and policy, these new technologies are the key to the advancement of humanity.


About the Speakers:

Naomi Makofsky (Global Product Partnerships - Google Assistant)
Naomi Makofsky works on Global Product Partnerships for the Google Assistant. Her focus is on launching new platform capabilities, helping developers with discovery and reengagement, and delivering great user experiences. Naomi studied Organizational Studies and Psychology at the University of Michigan. She currently resides in NYC.

Brandon Kaplan is the Founder and CEO of Skilled Creative. Prior to Skilled, Brandon was the President of Ruxly Creative, a Miami-based digital marketing agency, and Founder of eVantage, a light electric motor manufacturer. Stirring from a lifelong obsession with technology, and the desire to bend tech in creative ways, Brandon founded Skilled to help partners achieve their creative goals through emergent platforms. Brandon graduated from Tulane, has a healthy obsession with Bernese Mountain Dogs, and is a proud member of The Assemblage community.

And just added to the bill:

Katrina Craigwell - ‎VP, Brand + Revenue Marketing at ‎GE Digital

Timothy Mcelreath - Director of Technology, Mobile and Emerging Platforms at Discovery Communications

Courtney Nelson - VC at BDMI - Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments