Weave: A Time to Intertwine

WEAVE is an unplugged event hosted by community members of The Assemblage – Peace Accelerators to strengthen community, catalyze pertinent discussions and accelerate collaboration to create maximum positive impact on the planet.

Each session will begin with a guided meditation followed by visions of the future of humanity by prominent thought leaders. We will then play authentic relating games before breaking into groups for facilitated conversations to discuss a range of personal, regional and global issues. The intention of this event series is to foster deeper connection to self, others and the world as we collectively find solutions for a compassionate, equitable and sustainable future for all. As we are able to recognize our interconnected nature, we can understand how to effectively interact with and contribute to the world around us.  

The first Sunday will be facilitated by, Peace Accelerators co-founders Susanna Choe + Christopher Salata, to learn about the community and help people find purpose in life & in the workplace. Jolene Creighton, founding editor and host of Futurism, will be a guest co-facilitator. 

This event series is co-hosted with Peace Accelerators.