The Trance Writing Series: Vol 2

Whether there is a work in active process or new ideas are sought, creativity is always available if we know how to invite it. Based in meditation, hypnotherapy, and past life regression, we will actively be working with trance and using the experiences / states to write. Writers, artists, and entrepreneurs of all disciplines and backgrounds are invited. During this experiential learning lab we will explore and examine new pathways to peak states of flow, inspiration, and productivity.



About the Speaker: Daniel Ryan has maintained full-time practice in New York City since 2011. His offices are located at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in Chelsea. He enjoys offering hypnotherapy, meditation and guided experiences to individuals and groups all over the world. He received his undergraduate degree (BFA) from Emerson College where his research focused on literature, philosophy, and sociology. In 2011, after receiving his board certifications in hypnotherapy and regression therapy, he co-founded the Center for Integrative Healing in Chatham, NJ. Daniel studied and taught the practices of Vedic philosophy and meditation at the School of Practical Philosophy in New York City from 2007 to 2014.