Integrating Psychedelic and Spiritual Experiences

Many of us have faced challenging moments and transitions in our lives that require us to step back from our normal responsibilities and obligations, get in touch with our deepest feelings and memories, and then learn how to live again with a new sense of purpose and place in the world. In recent years, it is becoming more common for people to make a choice to enter into an intentional space of transition, growth and healing through the use of psychedelics.

No matter whether an experience is spontaneous or planned, sober or psychedelic, the work of integration is key. How can we bring the insights and intensity of a psychedelic experience into daily life? How can we support ourselves and each other in moving through difficult passages, letting go of the old ways of being, and then creating life anew after the experience is over? How can we begin to weave the threads of our experiences into meaningful, helpful, loving actions that improve our lives and the lives of those around us?

These monthly integration groups are designed to provide regular, confidential, community-oriented support for individuals who are currently using psychedelic or entheogenic substances (such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, ayahuasca, and peyote/San Pedro cactus) as well as individuals who have used such substances in the past or are simply curious to learn more about them. The groups are a great opportunity to explore many types of spiritual or intense life experiences, through meditation, sharing of personal stories, and group discussion. Each group will be facilitated by Katherine MacLean, PhD, a former psychedelic researcher at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and founding director of the Psychedelic Program in New York.  

*Please note that these meetings do not include group therapy, counseling, or medical advice. The facilitator does not provide psychoactive or illicit substances and does not provide referrals to "underground" (illegal) psychedelic services. These groups may not be appropriate for individuals with very serious mental health conditions or past histories of severe abuse or trauma. If you have questions about whether this workshop is appropriate for your particular life situation, please contact Katherine at before signing up.


About the speaker:

Katherine MacLean, PhD is a psychological scientist, teacher and meditator. In her academic research (2004-2013) at UC Davis and Johns Hopkins University, she studied how psychedelics and mindfulness meditation can promote beneficial, long-lasting changes in personality, well-being and brain function. In the fall of 2015, she co-founded and began directing the Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program in New York (, where she has facilitated monthly integration groups for psychedelic users and training workshops for both clinicians and the public. She currently lives on an organic farm and is preparing to be a study therapist on the upcoming Phase 3 trial of MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder.