Living by the Moon

We invite you to join us for an intimate monthly gathering of women who live by the moon.

Every month, as the moon sits between the earth and the sun, women gather all over the world to hold space for the divine feminine and set thoughtful intentions for the following cycle. There is a power and beauty that is born in tribe and ritual, and we are happy to offer space for the birth of a new circle here at The Assemblage.

The circle will open with a sip of a heart-opening cacao elixir and sound meditation  to open the year followed by a guided writing meditation. The simple writing exercise will prepare participants to notice personal patterns and create space for a powerful manifestation practice.

Please be sure to bring a notebook and something to write with. We recommend a dedicated notebook to use each 28 days, but any paper will do for dropping in.


About the Speaker:

Ashley Autumn is an experiential designer based in New York City. She works full time for The Assemblage NoMad producing and curating experience through events. She began living by the moon while based in the mountains of the Santa Fe desert, restructuring her internal calendar around it. For two years, Ashley has held space for circles of women between New Mexico and New York every 28 days, offering simple writing mediations and techniques to help women re-tune their natural cycles with the moon. Ashley works closely with sacred plants including cacao and damiana to help open and unlock blockages that distance women from their natural intuition and power. She works closely with many female artists, healers and musicians around the world to help co-facilitate safe and transformational spaces for women each new moon.