Reclaiming Eros: A Valentine's Day Ritual

Bring your desire to get (metaphorically) naked with a group of strangers this Valentine’s Day as we call in the goddess of love, set an intention for deeper connection and see where our communal wisdom circle takes us.

We will come together to transmute Valentine’s Day into a true celebration of Eros: the sacred force of erotic love and desire. How can we reclaim Eros and use sexuality consciously? How can we understand sex as sacred — and better find healing and spiritual connection in our everyday sex lives? After a short talk, we’ll set about embodying our newfound knowledge by practicing somatic awareness and deeper connection with our sensual selves. Then we’ll build a communal altar and open a ritual circle for vulnerable and open sharing (and listening) about Eros in our lives.

This event is produced in collaboration with Evolver.


About the Speaker:

Britta Love is a writer, somatic sex educator and multi-dimensional healer based in Brooklyn. A graduate of the London School of Economics and Goddard College, she wrote her thesis in Consciousness Studies on the healing and spiritual potential of altered states, specifically those induced by conscious sexual practice and the ritual use of psychoactive plant medicines. She writes for Alternet, Psymposia and Reality Sandwich, gives talks and facilitates workshops in NYC, and blogs on sex, drugs and consciousness at The Daily Transmission.