Rules of Impact: Unlocking Consciousness

In our Rules of Impact series, we explore eleven trends across technology, consciousness and capital pushing humanity forward. Each week, we profile a community leader whose innovative initiatives have the power to shape society for the better.

The trend Unlocking Consciousness dives into immersive digital experiences or alternative therapies helping individuals overcome addiction and psychological disorders and expand their perception.

As a facilitator of sound meditations, Alexandre Tannous has helped people around the world explore their emotions and creativity in novel ways, allowing individuals to uncover fresh insights and connections. His work, unique to most sound practitioners, unites three perspectives - Western scientific, Eastern philosophical, and shamanic societal beliefs – as a means of deeply understanding sound’s relationship to consciousness.

During this event, we'll sit down with Tannous for a 30-minute Q&A to learn more about his work, gnosticism, and the power of using sound as a tool for peace and well-being.

Read our full interview with Tannous and listen to the podcast here to learn more about the relationship between sound and consciousness.