Art & the Occult

How does the art we make give narrative to our intuitive senses? The intertwining of cultural currents and our more divinatory practices is ripe for exploration; we invite creators to discuss the ways in which the occult and mainstream cultural currents feed each other. The practice of the occult is eternally intertwined with the creation of art. The art that we make gives narrative and vision to our intuitive senses – guiding us, while informing our iconography and our archetypes.



Splitting her time between the New England woods and New York City, Haley Houseman writes about the modern mystical, as well as art, fashion, and the natural world.
Twitter: @hedhouseman
Instagram: @hedhouseman

Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile and Witch Emoji
Twitter: @Phantasmaphile
Instagram: @phantasmaphile

Kevin Pelrine of Tarot Society
Twitter: @kevinpelrine, @tarotsociety
Instagram: @kevinpelrine, @tarotsociety

Tarot card artist Holly Simple
Twitter: @holly_simple
Instagram: @holly_simple

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